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 Adult Programs 

Unique programs with a joyful spirit.

"Flowing fluently yet tightly together, the interactive Handler/Levesque collaboration swings and shimmers with gusto and romance. The duo's musical passion over the years just keeps getting warmer and brighter, while its artistic commitment and scope get even wider and deeper."

Owen McNally, Music Critic
The Hartford Courant, November 2011


International Music

Experience an exuberant celebration of cultures with this exceptional program of music from around the world. Audiences will enjoy the lilt of a jam session at an Irish pub, a rollicking Tarantella from Italy, the appealing rhythms of nouveau flamenco from Spain, the warmth and passion of Brazil, the rhythmic poetry of Eastern Europe, the hard-swinging elegance of Gypsy jazz, a sweet love song from Taiwan, the sultry sounds of a Middle Eastern melody and more!


Spanish & Latin American Music

Audiences will immediately be drawn into this program of passionate, lyrical music from Spain and Latin America. They will delight in fiery Spanish flamenco dances as well as the beauty of a Catalan folk song; a sizzling tango from Argentina to a flowing Venezuelan vals; a pulsing Andean dance to the syncopations of Brazil and enticing sounds from Paraguay, Mexico & music on the Puerto Rican cuatro.


Holiday Music

Enchanting instrumental renditions of traditional and contemporary holiday music for classical guitar & mandolin. Enjoy a variety of lively tunes and lyrical melodies from many countries. Music from the U.S., Puerto Rico, England, Wales, Ireland, France, Italy, Ireland, Spain & Eastern Europe.


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